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  Hefei Qianfeng metallurgical equipment technology Co.,LTD. is a highproduction line,finaces,defended the steel and accessories specializedenterprise. The company can provide users with carbon steel,stainlesssteel,heat-resisting long engaged in and master defended the design andmanufacturing technology of the engineering technicians and skilled workers.
  According the user rolling mill and holed size,process requirement typedesign,manufacture;According to users with samples of surveying and mappingin the desgin and manufacture;According to users with drawings manufacturing,customer"s requirement,well site service and after work.
  Qinfeng technology constantly attracting outstanding management andtechnical talents,focus on new product development,the company"s managementis a team with the professional knowledge and rich experience management team,led the team to Qianfeng international enterprise.
  The company existing product can make company products andaccessories,defended the products out of the country to the world.
  The company will keep making progress,for steel enterprise technicalprogress with more excellent sercice.